Sophie Larissa Mazzaro is a true-blue Berliner, for which her big mouth can vouch for. On March 22nd Sophie was born in Berlin, Germany. Yes, the West...not the Eastside. Due to her non-existent hair, she was mistaken to be a boy for the first three years of her life, a crude fact which might have caused her reluctance to the color pink, barbie dolls and manicured nails.

She’s been doing art on a bigger scale ever since she painted the walls of her nursery, much to the displeasure of her parents. Trains and buildings had to serve as stage for her graffiti and the Berlin wall would have been a fantastic canvas, but it already came down before she was born.

Growing up with an older brother, she soon took a liking to fast cars and kickboxing. Years later, her brother no longer decorates her hair with chewing gum.

The outcome of going to school with a bunch of self-absorbed egocentrics were countless imitations of preppy girls with funny accents that her parents had to endure 24 hours a day. Her mother — because she is her mother and kind of forced by nature to support her offspring — supported her passion and drove her to an acting school several times a week for two years. That saved her an estimated 476 bus tickets and valuable hours that she could dedicate into developing more characters.

As beautiful as Germany looks in the snow, she needed a change of scenery from snowboarding in the streets behind her dad’s car.

She wanted to prove Texans don’t all drive trucks and wear cowboy boots all day, so she moved to Austin at age 16 where she bought a truck and cowboy boots.

Since age 19 she lives in California where she studied Method Acting at the same school Marilyn Monroe attended. Since she’s German, she’s a tad bit better at being on time than Marilyn.

Always in search of sleep, sanity and more caffeine. Her friends think she’s weird because she goes to bed when they get up. She resides in LA with her pet lizard, deals with insane drivers during rush hour and billboards that announce to "not shoot your gun in the air."

She got accustomed to the extraordinary people you encounter in Hollyweird and enjoys 341 days of sun every year; and, of course, being an actress and pursuing her dream of changing people’s lives with the motion picture.